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We have a range of reasonably priced over-stock items for sale at our space.

A sampling of the sites of thing we have for sale: Vintage Linens, Fabrics,
Victorian Dresses for copying, 50's Coats, Hats,
Blouses, 20's-60's Day Dresses, Designer pieces, and much more!


If you are interested in shopping, give us a call!wishing for new clothes

Sale hatSale Camisole

Sale DressSale Hat

Sale HatSale Shirt

Sale DressSale Apron

Sale HatSale Dress

Sale CamisoleSale Hat

Jewelry for sale

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42-24 Orchard St ,Unit 101

L.I.C.NY 11101

(Under the CSW International red awning)

Phone: (718) 937-0220 

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