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. Theater/Opera/Ballet: weekly rental per item, beginning with the date of “first dress”.
. Movies: production fee per item per entire run. If the shoot is extended,
  the additional rental fee is pro-rated based on the initial rental for each
. Commercials/Music Videos/Television/Book Covers/Photography/Art:
  weekly or production rentals charged, depending on the project.
. Magazines (editorial): weekly rental per item, but 50% off is given in return
  for editorial credit.
. Fashion: weekly rental per item.

The “replacement value” for each item rented is listed on the rental invoices. The “replacement value” is to be paid in full to the vendor in case of loss, theft or damage as determined in the sole judgment of the vendor. A suitable replacement will be considered by the vendor and will be accepted in the vendor’s sole discretion in lieu of the “replacement value”.

Apparel items will be dry-cleaned/laundered before being returned to the vendor or the renter will be responsible for all cleaning bills after the vendor has received and cleaned the returned items.

Because the vendor handles only authentic period clothing and accessories, any alteration or restoration (including parasol re-covering) must be made with authentic or authentic-looking natural fiber fabric and lace (no synthetics). Minor alterations to rented garments such as hems and sleeve length are acceptable unless drastically altering the proportions of the original garment. Any reduction in size of garment proportions (i.e. waist, pant cuffs, hems, sleeves) must be enlarged to its original size before being returned to the vendor or the renter will be billed a re-alteration charge. Men’s and women’s 1830’s-1920 clothes may be enlarged and returned as such. No alterations involving cutting or color change are allowed without the expressed permission of the vendor, without which full “replacement value” will be charged at the vendor’s sole discretion.

Should any returned damage item be repairable (in vendor’s sole discretion) to the point of bringing it back to its original condition, the renter shall be responsible for sewing/millinery/repair expenses instead of the entire “replacement value”.

Rental fees on rental-only items are not applicable towards purchase.

These are fees charged when a production wants to take rental or purchase items “on approval” to try on actors or show to the director well in advance of the beginning of production or shoot.

We charge nominal fees (beginning at $3/wk for ties) which are non-refundable and charged on a weekly basis, beginning with the date that the item is pulled from HUVC and ending with the day the item is returned to HUVC.

      .“Parts of week” constitute a full week, with a one-day “grace period”.
      . The first week’s memo fee is to be paid in advance and is non-refundable.
      . The cumulative memo fee of each item is independent of the rental or
       purchase price and is not applied toward the rental but IS applied to the
       purchase price of said item. ***
      . If any item is subsequently rented for the run of a theatrical production, other
       than the initial first week’s non-refundable memo fee, there is 2-week “grace
beginning two weeks prior to the first dress rehearsal in which
       no weekly memo fee will be charged.
      . If any item is subsequently rented in pre-production for a movie, other than the
       initial first week’s non-refundable memo fee there is no additional memo billing.  

Unless other terms are arranged in advance with HUVC’s approval, any garments and/or accessories taken out on memo that are not returned before the first dress rehearsal or day of shooting will be considered rented for the full run of production and full rental fees will be charged. There are no exceptions.

***We apply the memo fee only in one case: if we are hired to pull items for a film and ship them out on approval/memo, there is a one-week turnaround time -  if any item is kept, the memo fee is applied to the rental price.

HOLD FEES:                                                              
The client may pull items and place them on a hold rack for up to three days after leaving a refundable deposit equivalent to 1 week’s memo fees for those held items. If the designer returns the held items to their original placements on their correct racks by the third day, the deposit will be fully refunded. If we find the items were returned to racks incorrectly or the items are left unclaimed for more than 3 days, the original memo fee terms are automatically implemented, beginning with the date the items were originally pulled and the memo deposit is kept as the first week’s payment.

Hold fees are non-refundable and charged on a weekly basis, beginning with the date that the item(s) have been put aside on the “HOLD” rack and ending with the day the item(s) are either re-stocked or taken out for rental.

. Items that have being on the “hold rack” but not used will be charged a weekly memo fee until HUVC is informed of the release of the items.

. If “Hold” items are not returned to their original placement location by the client, a $5/item restocking fee will be charged.
Every item/groups of items photographed will charged $ 5/per photo.  Clothing designers are not allowed to take photographs. These photos are considered alternative memos in lieu of removing the items from the premises.

. Full day use ( 10am to 6pm) : $ 100
. Half day (to 4 hours): $ 60
. Under 2 hours/maximum 2 people: $40

Our staff members are experienced stylists and are available for hire.
.  for pulling “memo” costumes and accessories for productions or commercials
   our fee is $ 50/hr.
.  for pulling, styling and on-site fitting services the fee is $100/hr and up.
.  for full-service designer/stylist services requiring a staff member to work outside our
   showroom, we charge on a per day basis, subject to the project’s needs.

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